CryoClose™ Freezing Bags & CryoClose™ Overwrap Bags

CryoClose™ Freezing Bags + CryoClose™ Overwrap Bags

Freezing bags for cryopreservation of cell suspensions down to -196ºC in the vapour phase above liquid nitrogen

Registered as medical device in the EU (CE marked).


  • Sterile and non-pyrogenic
  • Identification: Pouch for insertion of a temperature resistant label
  • Materials:
    • Bag, tubes, ports: EVA; Connectors: PP; Stoppers: Nylon, PP; 1 Tube: PVC
    • Two EVA tubes for transfer of DMSO containing fluids
    • One tube of PVC for sterile Docking for transfer of DMSO-Free fluids
    • Overwrap bag: inside-rib-EVA-foil for ease of matching
    • Total lengths of all EVA tubes is sufficient for ca. 3 ml of samples in segments.
  • Two twist off ports for content withdrawal by spike or syringe
  • Eyelet for hanging freezing bag
  • Packing:
    • Each CryoClose™ Freezing Bag together with one CryoClose™ Overwrap Bag is packed into one sterile barrier pouch.
    • Each such sterile barrier pouch is sealed into one outer transparent protective pouch for clean room introduction.
    • 28 pairs of double pouched CryoClose™ Freezing Bag + CryoClose™ Overwrap Bag are packed in one carton box.